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Vicky Sirianni

Vicky Sirianni, Center co-founder and co-president of research, is a specialist in operations and leadership development. Before her consulting career, Vicky served as Chief Facilities Officer for MIT. She served the Institute in positions ranging from designer to manager of the design and construction unit, space management, capital renewal, general maintenance, utility generation, purchasing, and distribution, for over 150 buildings covering 11 million gross square feet on 153 acres of land. Vicky holds an Ed. M. from Harvard University and an A.B. from Carnegie Mellon University. She has taught design courses and studied architecture at MIT as a special graduate student. She is a board member of the Massachusetts State College Building Authority. In 2003, she was the recipient of the Boston Society of Architect's Women in Design Award, and is an honorary member of the class of '54 at MIT.

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